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Your Questions Answered

Answers to common queries are outlined below. If you have any questions not answered here, please get in touch with Mr Page's secretary (, who will be delighted to help.

Which insurers does Mr Page work with?

Mr Page is recognised by all major private medical insurance providers.

If I don't have a private medical care policy, can I pay for my own care?

Mr Page is always happy to deal with patients on a self-pay basis, and HMT Sancta Maria will work with him to provide a single, inclusive quote for your care. He is also happy to work with claims managers involved in settlements relating to complex injuries.

Will I need to have metalwork outside my limb or multiple operations?

Sometimes. Circular frames are very powerful options to deal with complex corrections, but are not always required. Mr Page has trained extensively in combining multiple, simple implants to achieve more challenging reconstructions and these procedures continue to form a large part of his practice. This can very often be done in one operation; you will have all the options, pros and cons explained and your treatment tailored as best possible to your needs and wishes.

Do I need a referral letter?

Not necessarily. It is important that you follow the processes set out by your insurer. For self-pay patients, Mr Page will happily take self-referrals. It is important that all your medical team know about your care and so your clinic letters will usually be copied to your GP.

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