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Common Services

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Removal of metalwork

After a fracture has healed, the metal used to fix it is not normally required any more. Most of the time it causes no problems and is certainly safe to stay implanted but, when prominent plates or screw heads irritate skin, muscle or tendon, work, sport and hobbies can be affected. Removal of problematic metal is usually a day-case procedure with minimal recovery time, and can make the difference in getting back to normal life.

Infection surgery

Infection of bone or metal implants within it is a complex problem. Mr Page works with an expert team to provide the same high level of care as is delivered in the NHS.


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Non-union surgery

There are a number of reasons for a fracture failing to heal. Mr Page will first explore these with you and highlight anything non-surgical that can be done to improve the chances of healing. Where a fracture is not healing for mechanical reasons it may be necessary to add to or replace the existing metalwork. Mr Page will discuss the options with you and outline what possible procedures could be used.

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